Complete line of x-ray grids 100%
Available in various sizes, lines, ratios and focal ranges. Durable structure of aluminum interspacer and lead strips. Superior efficiency in removing scattered radiation To obtain the most effective X-Ray transmission and absorption, as well as grid density uniformity and precise geometric arrangement for strip focusing, MDM grids employ the finest precision material such as aluminum strips with a purity of 99.99% and a thickness tolerance of +/-0.02mm and lead strips with purity of 99.85% and thickness tolerance of +/-0.001m
Each grid strip is laminated and baked after the gluing procedure. This ensures absolute rigidity between the strips, as well as head and moisture resistance and completely prevents warping and cracking over the course of time.Each grid is subjected to radiographic testing prior to shipment, and only those grids which have passed the test for perfect strip alignment are delivered to our customers. The test film supplied with all our grids is your assurance of quality.
Available in 85, 103, 130, 150 & 178 Line For Computer Radiography (Grids for digital xrays)
  Also Available Custom Made Grids