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  PIGG-O-STAT ..Excellent shape, all parts working,

For immobilizing and positioning of infants for radiographic, flouroscopic and other medical examinations. 

Adjustable seat in center of table top with openings for patients legs. Seat platform can be rotated
horizontally to any degree and position. Form-fitting body, head and arm supports of transparent plexiglass
are provided. Adjustable for patients from infants to 3-1/2 years of normal size for age.

Lead shield has adjustable conventional markers and adjusts up and down for various examinations. Spring-
balanced cassette holder accommodates any size cassette needed. Device is easily cleaned and sterilized.
Should last for years and years with proper care.

Designed by a technician with many years of experience with the many problems encountered in
immobilizing and positioning infants and children. The Pigg-O-Stat has been used successfully by doctors,
clinics and technicians for over 35 years. Radiation to personnel is entirely eliminated. Greatly reduces psychological trauma to patients and stress and strain on parents. Elimination of position and immobilizing problems makes it easier to make exposure at proper stage or respiration. Seat platform turns on bearings. Cassette carrier has adjustable horizontal and vertical movement for precise positioning of film. The scale in degree readings on table top ensures exact duplication of positions for re-check examinations.

SPECIFICATIONS: Immobilizer is approximately 20" x 20" x 35" (50 cm x 55 cm x 88cm) in height. Chrome plated table with 5" (7.5 cm) casters, 2 are locking. Table top and shelf are made of high density polyethylene in child-pleasing primary colors which requires no maintenance and is virtually indestructible. Other moving parts are heavy plexi-glass.


KODAK M35A X-OMAT X-Ray Film Processor

Price $1,599.00

This product is used, but it's completely functional.

Kodak M35A-M X-Omat Processor -  a 120 second film processor designed for medium and low volume processing.

The rollers are clean and roll smoothly. Kodak M35A X-OMAT Processor offers you uncompromised film quality.

Only the deep tank, long-film-transport ract design of the M35A, and other Kodak X-OMAT Processors, can give you the uniformly processed radiographs your patients deserve.

The tabletop design is a great fit for small offices, clinics & surgical suites.

***Processor does not include tanks and stand but they can be purchased seperate for $100.00 tanks plus freight .***


FluoroScan mini C-Arm Imaging System.  Fluoroscan Healthmate Mini C-Arm. 3” image intensifier, 60 Hz, Single Monitor, Great for Extremities.
Printer not included if you need printer we can add a brand new black and white printer for $795.00

Price $5,500.00

This fully functioning, used, X-Ray system comes with everything you see in the picture -- including all necessary cables, keys, etc.



Used GE Ultrasound RT3200 Advantage II

Price $3,400.00

The fully functioning ultrasound system has two connections for probes, and it comes with one endovaginal probe -- 5.0 MHz curved linear array.


System Dimensions
32" Deep X 16" Wide X 48" Height
182 Lbs.

Imaging Modes




Ritter Power Procedure Table
Model 75 Evolution
Color: Green  Price $3,800.00

The Ritter 75e, a truly universal power table with eight-way power, allows you
to precisely and effortlessly position patients for a multitude of universal procedures.

-Almost brand new. Everything works and in great condition.

8 Way Power

(power height, back, tilt, and foot)

Foot Control

Articulating Headrest

Paper Roll Holder

Accessory Rails

Treatment Pan


Dimensions:  27" W X 70" L

Length With Headrest Extended: 80"

Height:  Minimum 26", Maximum 42"

Tilt:  Trendelenburg to 45 Degrees

Paper Roll Holder:  21"

Shipping Terms:
Crating fee - $300
Shipping by truck anywhere in the U.S.A. - $400
or Buyer can pick up at warehouse


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