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Ontario, CA 91761 U.S.A.
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Fax: 909-390-9061
E-mail: info@xraymdm.com

Lead Markers

Plastic injected molded casing, color coded R-Red, L-Blue including R-L with 2 or 3 initials, available also without initials
Cat. No. TM-223 : 5/8" R-L with 2 initials size 3/8" or 3 initials size 1/4"
Cat. No. TM-129 : 1/2" R-L no initials
Cat. No. TM-129-1:  1" R-L no initials

same as above NO COLOR CODED
Cat. No.TM-219-E 5/8" R-L with 2 initials size 3/8"
Cat. TM-219 1/2" R-L no initials
Plastic Injected molded 1/2" RIGHT LEFT MARKER
with 2 or 3 initials (1/4") Cat. No. TM-225
without initials Cat. No. TM-100
Lead Words (words or numbers)
plastic injected molded casing, completely sealed markers choose color red, blue or yellow

(if no choice is made marker is made in standard red)
Single character size 3/8" cat. No. TM-1-38   size 1/2" cat. No. TM-1-12
2-3 characters size 3/8" cat. No. TM- 3-38    size 1/2" cat. No. TM-3-12
4-5 characters size 3/8" cat. No. TM-5-38    size 1/2" cat No. TM-5-12
6-7 characters size 3/8" cat. No. TM-7-38    size 1/2" cat. No.  TM-7-12
8-15 characters size 3/8" cat. No. TM-15-38
8-10 characters size 1/2" cat. No. TM-10-12

1" Arrow marker
plastic injected molded, cat. No. TM-130

Lead Markers with Position indicator
Color coded markers completely encased 
Aluminum Case R-L 5/8"
with 2 initials size 3/8" or 3 initials size 1/4" cat. No. TM-426
same marker without initials cat. No. TM-426-0 

Aluminum Case R-L 1/2"
with 2 initials 1/4" cat. No. TM-422
without initials, cat. No. TM-422-0

Plastic Case R-L 7/8"
with 2 initials size 3/8" or 3 initials size 1/4" cat. No. TM-428
same marker without initials cat. No. TM-428-0
Clip-On Lead Markers
Designed to stay on the cassette without need of tape or stick on material
Clip-On markers slip over the frame of the cassette.
Durable stainless steel clip R-L marker on same clip
color coded R-red L-blue
with 2 or 3 initials cat. No. TM-123
same marker without initials cat. No. TM-124
Durable stainless steel clip-on word markers
Single sided 3/8" size letters or numbers
2-3 letters cat. No. TM-1234
4-5 letters cat. No. TM-1245
6-7 letters cat. No. TM-1267
8 + letters cat. No. TM-1281
Thin clip-on R-L 3/4" marker made of high strength KydexT, extra thing profile R-L on same marker (double sided)
with 2 initials 3/8, or 3 initials 1/4" Cat. No. TM-110
same marker without initials cat. No. TM-111
Clip-On made completely of Stainless Steel R-L on same marker, marker clips slips on over the cassette frame
cat. No. 50150
Special Markers, 1/4" super thick, copper filtered 

for oncology use, industry and other special applications
copper filtered for high Kv, color coded (L-blue  R-red) vinyl encased for longer life
Important: the oncology markers are 1/4" thick and will not fit most low clearance bucky trays

R & L SETS super thick copper filtered markers:
R & L 3/4" size with 2 initials size 3/8" cat. No. TM-514
R & L 3/4" size no initials cat. No. TM-517
Custom made super thick copper filtered markers
3/4" letter size:

Single letter cat. No. TM-5401
2-3 letters cat. No. TM-5423
4-5 letters cat. No. TM-5445
6-7 letters cat. No. TM-5467
8 + letters cat. No. TM-5481
3/8" letter size:
2-4 letters cat. No. TM-5824
5-7 letters cat. No. TM-5857
8 + letters  cat. No. TM-5881
Aluminum backed, high density lead letters, affordable ACR compliance
color coded, standard R-red L-blue, also available in yellow and green if no color is selected markers will be provided in standard red and blue

Mammography screening set
cat. No. TM-233-4 includes 8 markers and a wall board with hooks
cat. No. TM-233-5 includes 8 markers only (no board)
one pair R & L LM
one pair R & L ML
one pair R & L CC
one pair R & L MLO
Custom Mammography Markers
R & L are 7/16", all other letters are 1/4" (marker shown #TM-230-7)
Single letter cat. No. TM-230-0
2-3 letters cat. No. TM-230-3
4-5 letters cat. No. TM-230-5
6-7 letters cat. No. TM-230-7
8 + letters cat. No. TM-230-8

Degree Market Set cat. No. TM-199
Aluminum backed with velcro.
10 degree markers 1 ea 5, 10, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60 & 90

Replacement degree markers cat. No. TM-199-R
Nipple Artifact Markers cat. No. TM-200
Encapsulated 2mm lead ball, self-adhesive backing, used to mark nipple, lesion, scar, artifact, etc., neutral beige color, non-sterile, peel-off, stick-on convenience, 100 markers mounted on ten convenient strips

Cassette ID Markers cat. No. TM-209
1/4" (6.4mm) flat face numbers or letters, vacu-sealed in clear acrylic, low profile 1/16" (1.5mm) thick, adhesive back for permanent placement, one to three characters per marker.
Velcro Suction Set cat. No. TM-240
set includes: 1 suction shoe, 1 velcro board, 60 1/2" velcro dots.  Attached a velcro dot to a back of each marker. Suction shoe holds the marker onto the cassette.  Jogged shoe design brings the marker down to cassette level.  Velcro board for convenient storage of markers.

Marker Keeper
convenient pouch holder for markers, handy swivel clip attaches the marker keeper to belt, lapel, pocket, etc., keeps markers in easy reach for quick retrieval, available in 5 colors: yellow, clear, green, light blue and red.
Red Cat. No. TM-247-R
Yellow cat. No. TM-247-Y
Clear cat No. TM-247-C
Light blue cat. No. TM-247-B
Green cat. No. TM-247-G
Set of 4, 1 ea. red, yellow, light blue and green cat. No. TM-247-4

Marker Storage Rack:
Available in 2 sizes, top holes for hanging on wall, finished in an attractive Bamboo multi-color.
Rack with 20 hooks size 8-1/4 x 12" cat. No. TM-449-S
Rack with 30 hooks size 11-1/2 x 12-1/2" cat. No. TM-449-L

Letter and number marker sets
Marker Set cat. No. TM-400
complete set includes:
1-perfection holder (personalized or non-personalized)
2 ea. 1/4" mounted A - Z
3 ea. 1/4" mounted 0 - 9
2 ea. 1/4" mounted A, E, I, O, U
1 letter case 36 compartments

Available letter case without markers cat. No. TM-C36
"Perfection" marker holder cat. No. TM-444
Single channel aluminum holder, with optional two line personalized permanently imprinted.  Uses 1/4" mounted figures on 7/8" flat plastic. Holder is 3-1/2" or 4" x 7/8" x 3/32" thick.

Lead letters and numbers
characters available in 2 options, mounted on flat plastic tabs and un-mounted (loose lead characters), various sizes available.

Mounted characters:
3/16", 1/4" 3/8", 1/2, 5/8", 3/4" & 1" mounted on plastic choose size 5/8", 3/4",  7/8" & 1-1/8" 
Un-mounted characters:
3/16", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4" & 1"
Elapsed Time Markers
1/8" (3.2mm) thick plain
3/16" (4.7mm) thick with position indicator 
Elapse Sun Dial
c at. # TM-SD901 (non position)
cat # TM-AD901P (with position indicator)
Minute Sun Dial
c at. # TM-SD902 (non position)
cat # TM-AD902P (with position indicator)
Daily Sun Dial
c at. # TM-SD904 (non position)
cat # TM-AD904P (with position indicator)
Hour Sun Dial
c at. # TM-SD903 (non position)
cat # TM-AD903P (with position indicator)
Veterinary Sun Dial
Cat. # TM-SD78 views
Veterinary Sun Dial
Cat. # TM-SD77 extremities

Flexible Radiopaque Rulers


This radiopaque extremity ruler are manufactured from a high performance, chemical-resistant plastic which can be sterilized using ethylene oxide or alcohol. Unlike acrylic rulers, this ruler is very flexible and virtually unbreakable. These scales are used whenever measurements or locations in the image field are required. 1 cm. and 0.5 cm. graduations are engraved at least 0.030" deep and filled with a special, flexible radiopaque material to give distinct and permanent readings on the radiograph.
Available in 115cm. and 1/8" thick and 45cm length in   1/16" thick.
45cm radiopaque ruler Catalog No. TM-R-45
115cm radiopaque ruler Catalog No. TM-R-115
Acrylic Clear Radiopaque Rulers
These special scales are used when the radiologist needs to indicate locations or measurements in the imaging field. We engrave deep, 0.5 cm. graduations into tough acrylic plastic and fill them with a special radiopaque compound to leave distinct images on the radiograph. These scales have a center line for topographic recordings. They are available in both the 45 cm. and 115 cm. lengths with 1/4" thick with a hanging hole for storage.
45cm radiopaque clear ruler Cat. No. TM-R-45C
115cm radiopaque clear ruler Cat. No. TM-R-115C


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